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The Soros Agenda

''No person has done more to damage Israel’s standing in the world, especially among so-called progressives than Soros' - Alan M. Dershowitz.

By Dr. Alex Grobman

Who is George Soros? Why does the mere mention of his name provoke a torrent of pejorative comments including many expletives? Antisemites are accused of using his name to foster hatred against Jews in the same way they used to invoke the Rothschilds. Soros is an easy target not only because he is Jewish, but more importantly because of what he does to undermine the West and specifically the US, which he calls “the main obstacle to a stable and just world.”

Attempt to Transform America

To learn more about Soros’ plan to transform the US, I turned to Rachel Ehrenfeld’s latest work The Soros Agenda. (Rachel Ehrenfeld, The Soros Agenda, New York: Republic Book Publishers, 2023 ISBN: ‎978-1645720478). Ehrenfeld is the director of the American Center for Democracy and its Economic Warfare Institute, and an expert on terrorism and corruption, including terror financing, economic warfare, and narcoterrorism.

She exposes his strategy to advance radical causes by supporting Left-wing public figures, groups and politicians that have significantly increased the violence and sown discord and division in the country, while “weakening” the nation from within and reducing its prestige and influence throughout the world. By identifying his modus operandi and his “tenuous” direct and indirect links that effect domestic and international affairs, Ehrenfeld hopes to thwart them from implementing his “full-scale revolution.”

Soros’ objective is to liberate the US “from the restraints of constitutionalism, American exceptionalism, free-market capitalism, and other obsolete isms,” according to the late journalist Stefan Kanfer, whom Ehrenfeld quotes.

Through his myriad of nonprofit organizations and foundations, Soros and his family fund the elections of Democrat candidates on the local, state and presidential level and district attorney campaigns, providing him with enormous influence. The media documented his very significant support of the elections of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and others, although the amount of his direct and indirect contributions is by design not made available.

Soros has invested millions of dollars in the “defund the police,” movement, “social justice” projects and Left-wing grassroots organizations advocating for environmentalism, gun control, court-packing, legalizing drugs and abortion.

During an interview in 1994 with Steve Kroft on CBS’s 60 Minutes, Soros claims his character was formed during the German occupation of Hungary. When he was 14, Soros’ father bribed Baumbach, a Nazi Hungarian official at the Ministry of Agriculture, to hide his son in his home and introduce him as his godson. George accompanied Baumbach on his mission to identify Jewish property for confiscation. “I was only a spectator,” he said. “I had no role in taking away the property.” Yet, as Ehrenfeld noted, on that show “Soros failed to use the opportunity to convey his regret.”

Soros and the Jewish State of Israel

“I don’t deny the Jews right to a national existence,” Soros said, “but I don’t want to be part of it.” He argued that sometimes Jews have chosen “to identify with their oppressors,” and even “try to become like them.” He funds groups that deny the right of Israel to exist including Israeli-Jewish and Israeli-Arab Leftist groups as well as anti-Israel media. He supports pro-Palestinian Arab groups that promote boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel (BDS), as well as pro-Palestinian Arab Jewish, Christian, and Muslim organizations in the US.

Several groups, Ehrenfeld said, “have links with the US -designated Palestinian terrorist groups and support the elections and appointments of anti-Israel proponents in the US government and international organizations.”

Gerald M. Steinberg, president of NGO Monitor, adds that Soros supports organizations involved in international campaigns “to undermine the elected governments of Israel.”

In August 2016, after Barack Obama became president, Soros funded organizations that “began an ambitious project to persuade Europe and the US to hold Israel accountable for violations of international law.” From leaked documents, it was clear Soros did not want the information about his involvement made public.

To increase anti-Israel sentiment among Christians in the US, Soros funds fringe American evangelical Christians in order to “flip” them from being pro-Israel to being pro-Palestinian Arab. In Hijacked: How George Soros and Friends Exploit Your Church, John Aman, director of communications at D. James Kennedy Ministries, reveals that “for a decade, Soros has been giving six-figure grants to the Telos Group, which takes evangelical influencers on expense-paid tours to Israel and brings "Israeli and Palestinian leaders and activists" to speak in the US as part of a propaganda or cognitive war against Israel.”

“In plain terms,” Aman says, “that means cooling evangelical fervor for Israel.” As of 2021, “Telos has taken more than 110 groups to Israel, giving evangelical leaders a decidedly pro-Palestinian perspective.” There is no question support among younger evangelicals has been eroding for some time.

Ehrenfeld suggests the Soros’ assistance to the Palestinian Arabs “seemed to have influenced US Secretary of State [Antony] Blinken’s decision to drop the Trump administration’s demand that the PA stop paying salaries to terrorists for murdering Israelis as a condition for aid.”

She also comments that Tom Nides, Biden’s ambassador to Israel, candidly expresses his empathy for the Palestinian Arabs and openly castigates Israel. In a pro-BDS group webinar, he proclaimed “Your agenda is where my heart is.”

“No single person has done more to damage Israel’s standing in the world, especially among so-called progressives than George Soros,” asserts Alan M. Dershowitz in a Wall Street Journalarticle. “His financial support has multiplied the influence of the two major organizations that have done the most to shift the left-wing paradigm against Israel. One of them is Human Rights Watch…. The “organization’s one-sided reports were used to justify selective condemnation of Israel by the United Nations and its divisions. They were circulated on university campuses around the world.”

The other organization is J Street. Despite its claim to be a progressive pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian organization, J Street has done much to turn most progressive and some liberal Democrats—including members of Congress, academics and media figures—against Israel.”

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