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David Sidman, editor at large for Breaking Israel News. He is also a former special forces operative in the IDF.

SS troops round up Jews in the streets of Hamburg (courtesy: Shutterstock)

As a kid in Jewish school, most of the Holocaust education was rife with horrific images of death and torture. The Holocaust education curriculum consisted mainly of black and white imagery of death camps, Jews standing in line for the gas chambers, and was peppered with first-hand accounts from survivors recalling their unthinkable experiences.

But when it came to actually learning lessons of the Holocaust, the message was..well…empty. There were no clear takeaways from all the carnage we were exposed to.

So what are we supposed to do with this information? What can we do to ensure that an event like the Holocaust never happens again besides just repeating the mantra ‘Never Again?’


The more progressive educators would often give some vague message about how we shouldn’t be racist or discriminate against anyone because of their ethnicity or skin color. They point to the Holocaust to show us where racism can lead to.

Although discrimination did indeed lead to the Holocaust, in most cases, racism and discrimination don’t lead to genocide. After all, every nation and region since the beginning of civilization was racist or discriminated against the ‘other’ and in very few cases actually resulted in genocide – certainly not anywhere near the level of the Holocaust.


The more Zionist educators believe that the moral of the Holocaust is that the Jews need a homeland of their own to ensure that another Holocaust never happens again. Although this may be true, it is nothing more than a theory. It’s not any sort of lesson we can learn from the Holocaust itself. Furthermore, the government of Israel has displayed Nazi-like behavior including kidnapping newborn babies from their mothers and selling them as was the case in the infamous ‘Yemenite Children’ affair and Health Ministry sanctioned sterilization treatments for Ethiopian women.

The one question that the mainstream Holocaust educators needs to explain to us is; How did Hitler convince entire communities of successful, intelligent Jews to willingly board cattle cars and wait patiently for their turn to enter the gas chambers?

And if they’re afraid to answer that question, then I will.

Hitler, and his propaganda czar Joseph Goebbels, realized that in order to convince the German people that an unarmed, law-abiding minority is a threat to their existence, they needed to scare them by threatening the status of their health.


And so, the Nazi regime launched a ‘public health’ crisis accusing the Jews of spreading diseases among the German people. Hitler depicted Jews, political opponents, and others as parasitic organisms that threatened the overall health of the so-called Volksgemeinschaft (German racial community).

German doctors and medical professionals repeatedly claimed that the Jews were responsible for typhus outbreaks —a deadly and contagious disease spread by lice.

That’s why German public health experts in occupied Poland urged occupation authorities to isolate Jews from the gentile population while denying them access to medicine. Their professional medical advice was used to rationalize the creation of Jewish ghettos throughout occupied Poland.


So what can we learn from all of this? Are there any lessons from the Holocaust we can learn and implement today?

The answer is pretty obvious. Although comparing the current Covid restrictions to the Holocaust is taboo in most Jewish circles, it is certainly appropriate, dare I say – obligatory, to compare it to the build-up to the Holocaust. That’s because the same phony public health crisis that rallied Europe against the Jewish people is being used today to rally the vaccinated against the unvaccinated.

In Israel and throughout the world, governments, via the media, are blaming the non-scientific Covid restrictions not on themselves who implemented them but rather on the ‘unvaccinated.’ Many who got vaccinated are taking the bait creating the perfect vacuum for tyranny to emerge as the real pandemic.


And so, friends and families are distancing themselves or breaking up over the great vaccine divide. And like Germany of yore, the media continues portraying the non-vaccinated as a threat to public health. The vaccinated feel robbed of their freedoms not by the government who took them away but by those who won’t sacrifice their bodily autonomy on the altar of public health. It’s a brilliant divide-and-conquer strategy ripped right out of Goebbel’s playbook.

And just in case you’re still not convinced that the government-run Covid crisis is incomparable to the lead-up to the Holocaust, consider the following: Nazi Germany used health passes called the ‘gesundheitspass’ to control the daily lives of Jews and other non-Aryans. A health pass to determine the freedom of movement…Sound familiar? And if the irony is still lost on you, Austria of all places has just become the first country to mandate Covid vaccines fining anyone who doesn’t get one…‘Never again’ my ass.

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