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Open Letter to President Biden

Christians and Jews United for Israel, Inc.

19 Windward Walk

Harwich Port, Massachusetts


President Joseph R. Biden

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

The White House

Washington, D.C.

May 14th, 2021

Dear President Biden,

We, the board members of Christians and Jews United for Israel Inc., (CJUI) write to you on behalf of our four thousand members to urge you to construct and execute a foreign policy for the Middle East based on the lessons of the past, a realistic view of human nature and the ethical application of strong American leadership. CJUI advocates for Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, and for the Judeo-Christian values fundamental to America’s governance. We encourage you to follow the example of Democratic President Harry S. Truman, who recognized the newborn State of Israel in 1948 against the advice of all the supposed foreign policy experts. President Truman’s moral clarity, coupled with his belief that a Jewish state would survive and thrive, led him to the right decision.

Similarly, the advice of many so-called experts on the Middle East is wrong today. For fifty years, they have assured us that the road to peace in the Middle East runs though the kleptocrats of Riyadh and is dependent upon Israel giving up land for the promise of peace – an exchange that requires Israel to accept suicidal borders that compromise its security and, as the example of Gaza so clearly demonstrates, does not lead to peace.

Negotiations for peace will never work with the present Palestinian and HAMAS leadership, who repeatedly demonstrate that they have no intent to negotiate a settlement that allows for Israel’s continued existence. Their genocidal demand for the annihilation of Israel “from the river to the sea,” their diversion of aid to making missiles, their teaching of hate to their children and their indiscriminate launching of hundreds of missiles at population centers shows that they are not partners for peace.

The thousands of missiles launched by HAMAS is a double war crime. First, by launching their missiles amongst Gazan civilians, using them as human shields and knowing their own civilians will be injured when Israel is compelled to respond. Second, by intentionally attacking Israel’s civilian population centers. American negotiation policy must take into consideration that the real sponsors of the present missile attack are Iran and Russia. Their influence must be countered.

With the support of the American people, for decades after the end of WWII, Democratic and Republican administrations executed a consistent foreign policy that rejected politics “at the water’s edge” and did not change the policy for political reasons. The result was that the U.S. won the Cold War.

The U.S. has global interests that it must attend to in Asia and must not get bogged down in fruitless diplomacy. The U.S. cannot pivot to a primarily Asian strategic posture first enunciated in the Obama-Biden Administration without a stable Middle East. Stability requires that Iran be stopped from exporting terror and be denied nuclear weapons. With stability, America’s Middle East allies may work together building a regional modern society including religious tolerance, the rule of law and womens’ rights. Your foreign policy must reject progressive ideas of “social justice” and false labels of “victims” and “colonial oppressors.” We respectfully refer you to Judeo-Christian verities for definitions of justice and social good. We refer you to the historical record of communism, fascism and fanatical religious extremism for what happens when governments have no moral compass and America appeases evil. In order to maintain and expand the path to peace in the Middle East, initiated by the historic Abraham Accords, America must be “the strong horse” for truth and moral clarity.

In order to help the Middle East to continue moving in the direction of peace, we urge the Biden administration to maintain and expand the successful foreign policy of the previous administration and in particular, the achievement reached through the Abraham Accords. As these Accords demonstrate, peace can be achieved through negotiations based on a foundation of truth, with partners genuinely interested in peace.

You will earn the love and respect that we have for President Truman if you follow the path he so bravely created. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Very truly yours,

Robert Snider, attorney, Treasurer and Board Member, on behalf of

the Board of Christians and Jews United for Israel, Inc.

cc: via email only

Senator Elizabeth Warren Katherine Clark, Fifth District

Senator Edward Markey Seth Moulton, Sixth District

Congressmen: Ayanna Pressley, Seventh District

Richard Neal, First District Stephen Lynch, Eighth District

James McGovern, Second District William Keating, Ninth District

Lori Trahan, Third District

Jake Auchincloss, Fourth District

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