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No, ‘Jewish Supremacism’ Does Not Define Israel

Newly elected U.S. President Joseph Biden is reportedly preparing to hit the reset button with the Palestinian Authority, whose President Mahmoud Abbas severed ties with the Trump administration over the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem in 2017. According to the Times of Israel, which covered the impending reset late last year, relations were also strained by disagreement over the so-called pay-to-slay program that pays stipends to the families of terrorists who had killed Israeli civilians.

The Times of Israel reported that one of the concessions sought by the Biden administration in exchange for renewed ties is for the PA to pay families of terrorists according to financial need and not according to the length of their sentences. In addition to renewing ties with the Palestinians, reports also indicate the Biden administration is seeking to reengage with Iran, which had been at odds with the Trump administration over the campaign of “maximum pressure” against its nuclear program.

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