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Israel-Sudan accord is bad news for Hamas

What's bad for Hamas is good for Israel! Hamas is very concerned about the normalization of relations between Sudan and Israel. Sudan, a Sunni Muslim state, has for many years been a convenient setting for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and a vital smuggling route for weapons from Iran into the Gaza Strip because of its location along the Red Sea. So, the Israel-Sudan agreement means trouble for Iran and Hamas alike. On Oct. 23, Hamas issued a statement condemning the agreement, calling on the Sudanese people to "fight all forms of normalization and have nothing to do with the criminal enemy."

In March 2009, Time Magazine published reports from Israeli security officials that Israeli planes and unmanned aircraft had attacked a Sudanese convoy during "Operation Cast Lead" in Gaza. The convoy consisted of 23 trucks carrying weapons intended for the Gaza Strip. The Israeli air operation aimed to stop the supply of weapons to Hamas and send a message to Iran about Israel's precise intelligence and operational capabilities.

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