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Israel’s unique methods against the Iranian threat

The brilliance in Israel’s alleged reactions lay in how they have managed to face Iran on a number of fronts: in Iran, in Syria and in Lebanon.

Each one of them is a unique peril in and of itself, but together they comprise the big Iranian threat. Instead of applying a blanket rule for combating Iran, the Israelis broke down its military campaign into smaller components and used its flexibility and creativity to address each one in a unique form.

or the better part of the 21st century, Israel has been trying to circumvent Iran’s regional ambitions in the Middle East to become a nuclear state and spread its military power to neighboring countries. By exploiting the disarray in Syria, Iran routinely sends convoys through Syria to arm its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, with precision-guided munitions (PGMs) and other equipment. 

Israel has reacted by launching a political and military campaign. Usually it was the political effort that was very public while the intelligence and military activities occurred behind the scenes, however, in the past week or so we have seen a number of mysterious explosions in Iran. It is hard not to see Israeli (and American) fingerprints all over these incidents.

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