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As corona pandemic spreads, so do anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

World Zionist Organization official: Phenomenon of accusing the Jews of creating epidemics and diseases is not new. We will continue to fight anti-Semitism and we will prevail.

Anti-Semitic stickers were discovered in a Hamburg subway car this week, comparing state measures against people diagnosed with the coronavirus with the Nazi extermination policy.

The stickers, found in a subway car between Barmbek and St. Pauli, were attached to the windows. One of the two stickers consisted of a yellow heart with the text "I CORONA". The second, in the shape of a yellow Star of David, read "Coronavirus!!" with the symbol for biohazard in its middle.

he shape and color of the latter openly played on the symbol Jews had to wear in Nazi Germany, indicating that the perpetrators see themselves as victims of a mass crime.

Similar symbolism is currently used by Facebook groups peddling conspiracy theories accusing the Jews of devising the global coronavirus pandemic, among a host of other things. Read More

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