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Anti-Israel Trouble in Orlando

Alan Kornman is a documentarian who records what takes place at anti-Israel rallies in and around the city of Orlando, Florida. He keeps a low profile, and aside from asking a question every once in a while, he doesn’t interfere with protesters and gives everyone their space. But that hasn’t stopped one rally organizer, Rasha Mubarak, from interfering with Kornman’s ability to report on what goes on at the rallies she promotes. Within moments of being identified by Mubarak as a Zionist, Kornman was surrounded by a crowd of protesters, one of whom slammed her sign into his camera. He was pushed, elbowed, and hit. Being surrounded, he could not move backward or forward to extricate himself from the situation.

Crowds gathered at the May 15, 2021 pro-Palestinian rally in Orlando, Florida. Photo: YouTube screenshot

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