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 CJUI is a multi-denominational constituency of people providing
factual information to the community in support of Israel and her people.
jerusalem_rallyWe live in a world that is increasingly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and anti-Christian… a time when moral clarity and righteousness are an endangered species. Yet, in these difficult times CJUI is building a bridge of common decency and purpose, with clarity, courage and determination.

CJUI is uniquely positioned to bring Christian and Jewish volunteers and resources together to take concrete actions in support of Israel, the national and biblical homeland for Jews. CJUI takes a leadership role in the fight to counter lies and misinformation about Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Refusing to ignore the winds of evil, we stand up to defend liberty and the freedom to exercise our faith in America and throughout the world. All the while we are seeing local pastors and rabbis and Christians and Jews coming together in common purpose, strengthening our mutual bond of trust and friendship. It is truly a miracle that must keep multiplying!
CJUI Mission 

Christians and Jews United for Israel was formed in Massachusetts in 2006.  Its members, officers, steering committee and advisory board include many prominent Christian and Jewish community leaders, activists and clergy who are concerned about Israel’s security, welfare, future and treatment by the media.

CJUI  is making a difference. We are defending Israel against some of the most virulent anti-Israel groups. We are demonstrating that these groups are more easily defeated when confronted by both Christian and Jewish activists.

More and more individuals and organizations are recognizing that passivity in the face of assault will lead to a worsening situation.  Led by their consciences and biblical convictions, both Christians and Jews are welcoming a first ever opportunity to embrace one another and share their common love for Israel in an active way.


●  Unite Christian and Jewish activists in
    material and spiritual support of a
    strong Israel.

●  Create an effective alert system to
    mobilize community opposition to anti-
    Israel events and initiatives.

●  Promote dialogue between Christian
    and Jewish leaders for the benefit of


●  Present speakers at churches,
    synagogues, and community centers
    to address  Israeli-Palestinian issues.

●  Join with other like-minded Christian-
    Jewish groups in support of  Israel.

●  Create outreach to churches targeted
    by anti-Israel forces.

●  Maintain a website to disseminate
    current and accurate information about

●  Participate in demonstrations
    countering  anti-Israel programs

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